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Sales /seɪlz/ derives from Old English sāl (ca. 450), old Norse sala, Proto-Germanic *salo (delivery), Proto-Indo-European *selh (to grab) - Definition: The exchange of a commodity for money.

Find your new career with me

Don't know what to do with your life but want a better job? Sean Champagne has been a resume builder and job hunter for clients since 2020. Specializing in sales positions (including no experience), typically tech, Sean helps people looking to broaden their horizons and start new successful careers making more money. Sean is an experienced sales representative and knows exactly what sales organizations are looking for in a candidate: you.

Relax and watch the job applications roll into your email inbox. On average, Sean will apply to 50-75 jobs for you and typically generates 5-10 phone screens. Once you have phone screens, it's showtime for you! Take feedback and guidance I share with you, perhaps the first couple phone screens will be trial runs, but I'll do everything I can to get you in front of hiring managers and let you shine.

I will give you advice on what to expect during the process and the serious questions you'll need to know how to answer and offer some questions to ask at the vitally important ('any questions for me?' section of an interview).

Good luck and may you be successful in your endeavors!

Sean Champagne

I can help you by writing your sales resume.

Recent placements:

  • Leasing agent --> online insurance sales

  • Spa manager --> social media management sales

  • College student/salad artist --> non-profit advocacy sales

  • Personal banker --> digital ad sales

  • Optometrist receptionist --> digital ad sales

  • Fitness instructor --> online insurance sales

  • Bar back --> M&A and VC sales

  • Server --> business analytics sales

Based in Seattle, Washington, USA - serving the US

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