How to leave banking

"I hate being a banker."

Retail banking is a brutal business. You deal with the public while also expecting to process loans, deal with the public, and even in the worst situations, handle cash. If you have experience in banking, you're nicely qualified to work in tech sales. I can guide you through the process and help you land a career you never knew existed. You never have to Google 'I hate banking' again.

Hate banking, don't know what to do?

Check out my services for more details, but here's the math. You need to do something more lucrative than retail banking, which shouldn't be hard to do, and you need to utilize the skills you have (customer service, account management, sales) and put your best foot forward. I spent years on the fence about sales before actually doing it and now I work in a great industry with fantastic work-life balance working remotely. Since the pandemic, you are more likely than ever to land a remote job in tech sales and I can help with that.

How to get out of retail banking

I've helped bankers, including myself, get out of banking and into tech sales. You'll probably make more money, you'll definitely not have to work with the public but can still provide that great customer service you provide. What have you got to lose? Shoot me an email today.

Do more than Googling "how to get out of banking reddit"

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