What about a cover letter?

Honestly, in my experience, cover letters aren't really a thing in tech sales. Sure, you can make one, but assuming you pass through the automated screening process, a hiring manager may spend 7 seconds looking at your resume and they need to see key things to be considered. First impressions are everything. Your sales manager, like you, probably doesn't have the attention span to read a full page cover letter that typically is word salad of 'please hire me I really want this job.' There can be a time and place for a cover letter, but not typically in sales.

Can I really land a job at Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and other tech companies?

Absolutely. It may take a job or two to get to your dream company, but with 9-12 months of experience in tech sales you'll be a coveted asset that tech company recruiters will start hunting down on LinkedIn to get pull you into their companies. Like clockwork, people that utilize Sean Champagne Resume Services and have their LinkedIn profile optimized and land a tech job are prone to recruiters InMailing them asking to schedule a call to discuss a sales role they have available. Sometimes your next venture is something totally unexpected and out of the blue, but if you don't have your best foot out there then recruiters won't message you. And we want recruiters to message you.

What if I don't want to go into sales but I want to go into tech?

Are you an engineer? If you don't have technical skills, sales is a great foot in the door to sneak your way into marketing or product management or operations. Just a side note, if you've ever considered a coding bootcamp, stay far away. I did that and have nothing to show for it.

Do you have any sales resume examples?

While I do not have any public, I have a specific methodology to how I lay out the resume and key words added. The format isn't glitzy or pretty, but it's not dull either. The format will be as informational for a recruiter and hiring manager to read in less than 10 seconds as possible. Depending on the package you buy, I will also make your LinkedIn match and if I help you with your job hunt to find your new sales career then we'll go through standard interview procedures and questions so you are confident going into phone screens and full loop interviews that you are the best equipped candidate for the sales role.

What types of sales roles can a Sean Champagne Resume land me?

Are you a hunter or a farmer? Depending on your experience and interest, you'll qualify for different roles such as entry level sales development roles where you're at the bottom of the sales totem pole but have tremendous room for growth (and remember typically no degree required), roles such as account manager where you manage an existing book of business and try and grow your accounts, or roles such as account executive or sales representative roles where you're hunting for new business. Your role may also be any combination of what I just mentioned! There are a lot of opportunities in sales, and you can translate that experience into many types of roles that may better suit your interests down the line.

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