Why Sales?

Why would I want to go into sales?

The world's second oldest profession has a bad reputation in modern America, but don't let that fool you. Sales professionals are less sleazy telemarketer and more like hardworking people making an honest days living. You'll never go into a sales role that lies to their customers because that's terrible long term business and you won't last long in the industry.

Sales is an incredibly rewarding profession that can be a lot of fun. While all types of people excel in sales, typically competitive and fun loving people thrive in this type of environment. I've known shy, quiet people to do phenomenally well in sales roles and be promoted quickly because a hard work ethic is difficult to match. Depending on the sales type (transactional, consultative, SaaS), different skills may be required but they all boil down to grit. Do you want to win?

What if I hate working with the public?

Great news! Professional sales roles rarely work with the public. You're either working with hand raisers--people who want your services and need your help to buy them--or warm leads, people that somehow expressed interest in your product. No more random Karen walking in off the streets to make your day go sideways. Nope, no, begone, Karen.

What are the benefits of going into sales?

Remote life? Probably.

Solid money? Definitely.

Room for advancement? Leadership or bigger individual contributor roles? You bet.

Benefits? Typically great.

A sales organization knows money motivates, but you should also have solid benefits as well.

Isn't Sales Hard?

Sales is totally a matter of what you put into it. Most people don't consider sales because of preconceived notions about the industry, but frankly put anyone who tries to do it can do it. You don't need to be a smooth talking selling ice to eskimos type to make a good living in sales. The more you work your way up, the expectations increase though, so you should be expected to carry a quota every month, but don't let that scare you. Quota is just part of the job. If your company is doing their job right, you should have plenty of prospective customers to talk to, unless you're in a cold calling (more like cold emailing. No one picks up cold calls anymore so sales orgs do them less than outbound emails).

What types of roles are available?

Are you a hunter or a farmer? It's a famous sales question. Do you want to hunt for new business or grow existing business? Depending on your experience, you may have some choices.

Does Sales Require A Degree?

Not always! While it is harder for anyone without a college degree to get a solid job, sales is a great equalizer where you could be virtually sitting between a high school graduate and an MBA.

If you don't have a college degree and are looking to level up your life with a solid sales job, I highly recommend the Premium Package.

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